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GRP Water Tanks

GRP Water Tanks

100% produced with local technology, a first in Turkey.

Made of longer-life GRP (GLASS REINFORCED POLYESTER). It is preferred primarily in water storage anywhere in the world.

Lightweight, robust and highly corrosion resistant. GRP is a very special composite material because it is produced by subjecting certain processes at very high pressures together with the filling materials of special thermoset resin and thermopolyester glass fibers.

GRP Modular Water Tanks It is a very stable, robust, long-lasting, lightweight and non-filling hygienic material due to its production techniques and additives.

It can be produced with UV resistance which is resistant to sun rays.

Plate dimensions are 1.000 x 1.000mm, 1.000 x 1.500 mm, 1.000 x 2.000 mm, 500 x 1.000 mm.

Drinking water tanks, rain water and well waters, sea water tanks, reverz-osmosis waters (very low conductivity and high waters) tanks, fire water tanks, swimming pools balance tanks, distillation and process tanks, brown (septic tank), gray (house) waste water) tanks, industrial process, chiller, cooling water tanks, hot water and chemical storage tanks, agricultural irrigation is the best solution.

GRP Su Depoları GRP Su Depoları GRP Su Depoları GRP Su Depoları GRP Su Depoları GRP Su Depoları GRP Su Depoları GRP Su Depoları GRP Su Depoları
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