What's water tank?

Water tanks are produced to meet the different needs of people in their daily life. There are many types of water tanks according to the differences in these needs.
Water tanks are mechanisms used in many areas, helping to preserve water. There are different types of water tanks. If we look at the types of water tanks: cylindrical water tanks, prismatic water tanks, GPR water tanks, domestic water tanks, underground water tanks and gas stations are also Fuel tanks, which we come across as examples, are also examples of water tank types. These water tanks are also divided into subgroups.


We use water tanks indirectly in many different ways every day. Water tanks in schools, hospitals, government buildings, shopping malls, agriculture It is used actively. It is essential to have water tanks in such places in order to use water when needed. In public and predominant areas The most important issues to be considered in the water tanks used are hygiene and health. Water tanks were containers for storing liquids and these tanks are generally used for human consumption. Water, which has an important place for human life, is it also has a serious role; Therefore, health factor should be given importance in water tanks where we will keep water. It is essential that water resources, which are of great importance for humans, be kept clean.


Since water tanks are used in different areas in our routine lives, there are different types suitable for all conditions. Such as polyester, stainless steel, polyethylene, concrete Water tanks made of different materials have different evaluation criteria such as large volume, small volume, long life and hygienic. Let's examine the water tank types in more detail.

Cylindrical Water Tanks:
There are 2 different types: Bolted Cylindrical Water Tanks and Cylindrical Membrane Water Tanks. It is the most robust alternative for warehouses that need large capacity. It can be manufactured in very large capacities.

Prismatic Water Tanks:
There are 2 different types: Modular Prismatic Water Tanks and Large Modular Prismatic Water Tanks. It is generally used to store drinking water, fire and utility water. It is very easy to install, use and has a long-lasting structure.

GPR Water Tanks:
It can be used in open areas as it has heat and light insulation. It is the type of water tank that is preferred primarily in water storage. Thanks to the material it is produced, it is very robust, hygienic and long lasting.

Domestic Water Tanks:
It has 4 different types: Domestic Modular Cylindrical Tanks, Domestic Monoblock Cylindrical Tanks, Door-Passable Monoblock Cylindrical Tanks and Domestic Bolted Modular Water Tanks. These water tank types are ideal for small capacities and domestic applications. Due to its small structure, it can be passed even in the narrowest places and can be installed.

Underground Water Tanks:
It can withstand underground conditions for many years and can be used without rotting. It can be used for many purposes such as water, septic, septic, waste water, rain water storage. The interior can be painted with dyes suitable for food regulations and turned into a drinking water tank.

Fuel Tanks:
Two types can be produced, namely, footed fuel tank and footless fuel tank. It is used for the storage of heating fuels, vehicle fuels and machine oils. It is manufactured to be resistant to internal external factors such as deformation, puncture, etc.